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Presented below, the individual scanned index pages of The Young Man`s Book of Amusement. A full list of the subjects, as searchable text, linked to featured pages, is here

"Artificial Lightning" to "Air-pump, respired from the lungs, effect of"

"Aeolian harp, gigantic meteorological" to "Bladder, the cemented"

"Bacchus, the animated" to "Crackers, to make"

"Chimney ornaments, vegetable" to "Cards, the four confederate"

"Cards, the metamorphosed" to "Cards, several being fixed"

"Cards, to tell the amount" to "Enchanted Bottle"

"Easy method of purloining without discovery" to "Electricity, candle lighted by"

"Electricity, to pierce a card &c.; by" to "Fire, a dead"

"Fire, a brilliant" to "Focal distance of a globe of water and of glass, to measure"

"Ghastly appearance, to give to persons in room" to "Glass, permanent expansion of"

"Heat, to produce by presenting two solids to each other" to "Ink, golden"

"Ingredients as show themselves in sparks when rammed into choked cases, of such" to "Learned swan"

"Light apparatus" to "Money augmented by an optical illusion"

"Magnifying reflector" to "Metallic crystals, beautiful"

"Magnetic poles on each other, to shew the effect of the" to "Oxygen gas, to procure, another way"

"Optical Experiment" to "Phial of the four elements"

"Pearls" to "Roses blow very late, to make"

"Ring, a person..." to "Shilling, to turn.."

"Stick placed on two glasses to break.." to "Thunder, artificial"

"Tumbling egg" to "Viper, curious experiment with"

"Ventriloquism" to "Writing in cypher"

"Writing, illuminated" to "Wax candles, to make"

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