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pullout sheet of diagrams from The Young Mans Book of Amusement

This wonderful book was published in 1854 and within its 384 pages are Gems of Victorian Science. It`s unpromising, mildly suggestive title belies a veritable cornucopia of experiments.

A vast selection of interesting (& some highly ill-advised) experiments & pastimes from the 19th Century are presented within chapters on -
magnetism,  chemistry,  optics,  electricity,  galvanism,  pneumatics,  hydrostatics & hydraulics,  acoustics,  magic-lantern,  cards,  magic figures,  misc. experiments  &  fire-works.

All 384 pages scanned to high resolution, presented in a highly browsable format as an e-book, available here

A small selection (low-res cropped images) from the book -

Electrified Victorian Head
lateral science Galvanic Experiments on the Dead Body of a Criminal
The macabre electrical reanimation of Matthew Clydesdale`s hung body

lateral science Beautiful Electrical Experiment
Spectacular tribo-electrical effect using a platinum spatula & calcium oxalate

lateral science Valuable Transformation
Gold plating charcoal

lateral science Very Beautiful Artificial Petrifactions
" a sort of hoar frost..."

lateral science The Electric Kite
Lethally ill-advised instructions for repeating Franklin`s experiments

lateral science Artificial Volcano
Another endeavour imbued with danger

lateral science The Fiery Fountain
Highly dangerous ingredients react, forming a conflagration of phosphine gas

lateral science A more powerful Fulminating Powder
The subject of fulminating silver is discussed

lateral science Expansive Force of Freezing Water
Colonel E. Williams explodes Royal Artillery shell cases using ice

lateral science Method of receiving the Electrical Shock from a Cat
An intriguing demonstration of frictional high voltage electrical generation

lateral science On sounds excited in Hydrogen Gas
Mr. Leslie performed acoustic experiments with hydrogen gas

lateral science To Recover a Fly after being drowned several hours
Essential knowledge for insect life guards

lateral science To obtain exquisite Skeletons of Small Animals
An extremely ingenious method

lateral science The Leyden Phial
"...a painful jarring sensation is felt at the joints of the fingers, the elbows, shoulders & chest,..."

lateral science To Pierce a Card &c.; by Electricity
"....deprive a man of sensation for a time, if the head be made part of the circuit."

lateral science The Inconceivable Shock
"...the whole company would be struck to the ground;"

lateral science Electrical Illumination
"To illuminate eggs by electricity,...."

lateral science The Miraculous Luminaries
"...will continue to shine for about half an hour,...."

lateral science The Illuminated Vacuum
"...a very dense body of fire, darting directly through the centre of the vacuum,..."

lateral science Resin Ignited by Electricity
Using a Leyden jar to inflame

lateral science Electrified Ball
"...will pass over the surface of the ball and singe it."

lateral science Frontispiece of The Young Man`s Book of Amusement
The Title Page - large graphics file

lateral science The Pull-Out Frontispiece of Diagrams
Full size version of illustrations under this page title - large graphics file

lateral science All 384 pages scanned to high resolution
Presented in a highly browsable format as an e-book

Warning! - Many subjects outlined within the above excerpts are extremely dangerous and are provided here for information only. Please don`t experiment with high voltages or chemicals unless you are fully conversant with safe laboratory practices. No liability will be accepted for death, injury or damage arising from experimentation using any information or materials supplied.

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