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Index of Subjects

Artificial lightning.

Artificial rain, and hail.

Artificial illuminations.

Artificial petrifactions, very beautiful.

Artificial mahogany.

Artificial flowers.

Artificial fruit, with the stems of the natural fruit.

Artificial jewels.

Ale and water in a glass without mixing.

Almond trick, the.

Aquatic dancers.

Astonishing heat of the oxy-hydrogen gas.

Apparent impossibility, an.

Aromatic vinegar, cheap method of making.

Air-pump, the.

Air, bottles broken by.

Air, water boiled by.

Air, glass broken by.

Air, hand fixed by.

Air bubble, vegetable.

Air, a fountain, by the pressure of.

Air respired from the lungs, effect of.

Aeolian harp, giant meteorological.

Aeolian harp, to make.

Acoustical alphabet.

Anatomical preparations, cheap mode of preserving.

Amusing explosion.

Alternate illusion.


Aeolipiles, the.

Balloon, small, to construct and inflate.

Balloon, paper, to construct.

Balloon, the artificial.

Balloons, the mode of constructing and filling.

Brilliant explosion, to cause underwater.

Beautiful experiment.

Barometer, simple.

Barometer, an infallible.

Beautiful transparent coloured water, to make.

Blue, to change to white.

Bird, to make seem as dead.

Bells, curious peal of.

Bell, the magic.

Bottle conjurer, the.

Brown paper, electric spark from.

Beer from a knife, to draw.

Blue sealing wax, to make fine.

Bleach prints and printed books, to.


Bladder, the exploded.

Bladder, the cemented.

Bacchus, the animated.

Bust, magic.

Barrel organ, singular experiment with a.

Bronzing, the art of.

Blue flame, for a.

Bronzing plaster figures, the art of.

Black-lead pencil drawings, to fix.

Brilliant combustion.

Candle ends, eatable.

Candle, detonating.

Candle, the philosophical.

Chemical change in a fair lady's complexion.

Camera obscura, to construct.

Cold liquids, two when mixed become hot.

Coral, to make artificial, for grottoes.

Chemical illuminations.

Camera lucida, new.

Candle burn under water, to make a.

Crocant or ornamental paste, for covering preserved fruits, to make.

Confederate shilling, the.

Colouring alum crystals, method of.

Crystallisation of tin.

Champagne, to detect adulteration in.

Caterpillars, to destroy.

Copying machine, substitute for a.

Chinese paints.

Crackers, to make.

Chimney ornaments, vegetable.

Chimney ornaments, made of variegated eggs.

Candle, the strongest wind will not blow out.

Calico printing, illustration of the art of - to produce white upon a black ground.

Calico printing, illustration of the art of - to produce scarlet upon a black ground.

Camera obscura, portable.

Cylinder, the illuminated.

Cards, three being presented to three persons to guess that which each has chosen.

Cards, a certain number of, being shown to a person to guess that which he thought of.

Cards, sixteen being disposed in two rows, to tell the card which a person has thought of.

Cards, to tell the number of points on three, placed under three different parcels of cards.

Cards, to tell how many a person takes out of a pack, and to specify each card.

Cards, the ten, duplicates.

Cards, to change a pack into various pictures.

Cards, to let twenty persons draw twenty, and to make each draw the same.

Cards, to guess the number of spots on.

Cards, several being disposed in a circular form, according to their natural series,

to tell that any one has thought of.

Cards, to make jump out of the pack, and run on the table.

Cards, how to make the pass, with.

Cards, the divining card in a pack of.

Cards, the four confederate.

Cards, the metamorphosed.

Cards, the four inseparable kings.

Cards, to separate the colours of a pack with one cut.

Cards, to produce a mouse from a pack of.

Cards, how to tell a person any he thinks of and convey it into a nut.

Cards, to alter a card into another which has been secured in a locked up box.

Cards, to name several which two persons have drawn from a pack.

Cards, to find out by the point of a sword.

Cards, changed by word of command.

Cards, in the ring.

Cards, discovered under the handkerchief.

Cards, in the pocket book.

Cards, to tell that a person has touched with his finger.

Cards, to hold four kings or knaves in your hand, and to change them suddenly into blank cards, then into four aces.

Cards, to shuffle in such a manner as to keep one certain card always at the bottom.

Cards, the card in the egg.

Cards, the transmuted, discovered by the touch or smell.

Cards, hit upon by guess.

Cards, the numerical.

Cards, the three magical parties.

Cards, several being fixed on by different persons, to name that card on which each person fixed.

Cards, to tell the amount of the numbers of any two drawn from a common pack.

Cards, to discover that which is drawn by the throw of a die.

Cards, the convertible aces.

Chameleon Spirit.

Colour, curious change of.

Concave mirror, two experiments to be made with.

Cohesion of water.

Curious transcolourations.

Curious transcolourations.

Combustion of iron wire in oxygen gas.

Cone or pyramid move upon a table without springs, or any other artificial means, how to make a.

Diorama, the portable.

Dancing balls.

Dancing balls.

Drawing desk, how to make a.

Dr. Wollastons` ice apparatus.

Dancing ring, the.

Drawing or writing to young persons, method of teaching.

Distorting mirror.

Exploding bubble.

Enchanted bottle.

Easy method of Purloining without discovery.

Easy method of Purloining without discovery.

Experiment, singular.

Extinguish ladies' clothes, catching fire, to.

Electrical machine, cylindric.

Electrical machine, plate.

Electrical automata.

Electrical spider.

Electrical attraction and repulsion.

Electrical attraction on a number of objects at once.

Electrical aurora borealis.

Electrical air cannon.

Electrical shock from a cat, method of receiving.

Electrical experiment, another.

Electrical fountain.

Electrical chase.

Electrical chase.

Electrical orrery.

Electrical mill.

Electrical star, brilliant.

Electrical illumination.

Electrical explosion, to illuminate a piece of sugar by.

Electrical kiss.

Electrical sparks.

Electrical orrery, another.

Electrical experiment, beautiful.

Electrical kite.

Electrical ball.

Electricity, candle lighted by.

Electricity, to pierce a card, &c;, by.

Electricity, resin ignited by.

Electricity, spirits ignited by.

Electricity, to spin sealing sealing-wax into threads by.

Electrified cotton.

Electrified ball.

Electrified air.

Electrified camphor.

Explosion, magical.

Earthquake, artificial.

Echo, interesting account of an.

Extinguisher and re-illuminator, the.

Exploding salt.

Eclipse of the sun, to observe without injury to the eye.

Extreme tenuity.

Fulminating powder.

Fulminating powder, more powerful.

Fulminating Silver.

Fulminating Silver, to make an artificial spider, containing.

Fulminating bombs.

Fire, to produce by the mixture of two cold liquids.

Fire, to produce by the mixture of two cold liquids.

Fire bottles, to make.

Fire works, to produce in miniature.

Fire, for wheels, a slow.

Fire, for wheels, a dead.

Fire, a brilliant.

Fire, the shower of.

Flowers, a method of obtaining in winter.

Fiery fountain.

Fountain, the globular.

Five pound note, to be all in a flame without burning it.

Fly, a, to recover, after being drowned several hours.

Flowers, to diversify the colours of.

Fire-works, the art of making.

Freeze water by heat, to.

Floating needle, the.

Feather, the animated.

Feather and guinea.

Feathers heavier than lead.

Fresco paintings, to preserve.

Fountain, magic.

Fluids, to render visible their opposite currents, while they change their temperature.

Flame, carmine red, to produce.

Flame, emerald green, to produce.

Flame, orange coloured, to produce.

Flowers curiously affected by the sun and the weather.

Flowers, easy method of obtaining of different colours from the same stem.


Focal distance of a globe of water and of glass, to measure.

Ghastly appearance, to give to persons in a room.

Glass, to so fill with water that it cannot be removed without spilling the whole.

Gas bubbles, exploding.

Glow-worms, interesting experiment on.

Glass of wine under the hat, the.

Gilding steel, easy method of.

Geological phial, the.

Gold ring from the finger when it has become too tight, to remove a.

Green tint of plants preserved by gas, the.

Glass tubes, pleasing experiments with.

Gunpowder, brimstone, and charcoal, how to meal.

Galvanic battery.

Galvanic pile, vegetable.

Galvanic experiment with frogs.

Galvanic shock.

Galvanic batteries, powerful.

Galvanic experiments on a dead body.

Galvanic experiment on a frog.

Galvanic experiment on a flounder.

Galvanic experiment with a leech.

Galvanism, sensations which it excites in some organs of sense.

Galvanism, the decomposition of water by.

Green lambent flame, to cause to appear and alternately disappear at the mouth of a flask.

Glass, permanent expansion of.

Heat, to produce by presenting two solids to each other.

Hydraulic dancer.

Hortus siccus, to prepare a.

Haloes, the three.

Hydrometer, cheap.

Handkerchief, a, to cut and tear into pieces, and to make it whole again.

Hydrogen gas, to procure.

Hydrogen gas, pure flame of.

Hydrogen gas, to fill a bladder with.

Halo, the artificial.

Horn, to soften.

Horn, to make moulds of.

Illuminate the surface of the water, to.

Invisible ink.

Invisible correspondence.

Iron, to melt in a moment, and make it run into drops.

Illusion, singular, with the fingers.

Iron-bar, as big as your arm, to break.

Jealous husbands, three.

Indian ink, an easy and expeditious method of providing a substitute for.

Incombustible handkerchief, the.

Infallible antiseptic.

Incendiary, the unconscious.

Ice, a ball of.

Ink, golden.

Ingredients as show themselves in sparks when rammed into choked cases, of such.

Impression of butterflies, method of taking.

Ivory, to cast figures in imitation of.

Iron transformed into silver.

Iron transformed into copper.

Ink, composition of similar to China ink.

Inodorous bodies two, become very pungent and odorous by mixture.

Ideal spectrum. Impenetrable winter cloaks, made of feathers.

Kaleidoscope, the.

Kaleidoscope, changes of.

Kaleidoscope, on the selection of objects for.

Liquors, to separate two which have been mixed.

Lead tree, the.

Laughing gas (or nitrous oxide) to procure.

Laughing gas, to inhale.

Light produced by sugar.

Lead, to melt in a piece of paper.

Lightning, to make the appearance of a flash when any one enters the room with a lighted candle.

Liquids, two when mixed form almost a solid mass.

Leap year, to find whether any given year was.

Liquor, that shines in the dark.

Lamp chronometer.

Learned swan.

Light apparatus.

Landscape, the artificial.

Landscape, to draw easily and correctly.

Leyden phial.

Luminaries, the miraculous.

Light, music of.

Linen appear like diaper, to make any.

Liquid, green coloured, to convert to white.

Liquid, blue, to change to red.

Liquid, red or blue, to change to green.

Liquid, colourless, to change to deep-brown.

Liquid, deep blue colour, to produce by mixing two colourless liquids.

Liquid, blue-coloured, to render perfectly colourless.

Liquid, various colours, to make the same liquid assume.

Liquor, luminous.


Leaves, plants, &c.; method of taking off impressions of.

Light wood, how it may be made to lie at the bottom of water.

Luminous appearance of the lunar disc, so imitate.

Last figure of the product of the two numbers, to tell the other figures.

Magic picture, the. Money, to split a piece of into two parts.

Money augmented by an optical illusion.

Magnifying reflector.

Magic oracle.

Magic book, the.

Magic spider, the.

Magic bottle.

Moire metallique to tin-foil, application of the.

Metallic crystallization, beautiful.

M. Russec`s Chronograph.

Magical tea-spoon.

Metallic vegetations.

Money, to melt a piece in a walnut-shell, without injuring the shell.

Magical mirrors.

Musical instrument, powerful.

Magnetic poles, to find.

Magnetic wand.

Magnetic table.

Mysterious watch.

Money, concealed.

Microscope, solar.

Musical flame.

Magic lantern, experiments with.

Magic lantern, painting the glasses for.

Magic lantern, to facilitate ditto.

Magic lantern, sliders, new construction of.

Magic lantern, to represent a storm at sea, by.

Magic lantern, the solar.

Magical square.

Magic squares.

Metallic crystals, beautiful.

Magnetic poles on each other, to shew the effect of the.

Marble, to give plaster figures the appearance of.

Microscope, interesting experiment for.

Muffs and tippets, from the plumage and skins of birds, method of making.

Muslin dresses, patterns for working.

Mutual exchange of different liquors in two bottles.

Number of changes that may be rang on 12 bells.

Needle, to suspend in the air by means of the magnetic fluid.

Neptune s fire.

Numbers, two, the one even and the other odd, being propounded unto two persons to the end they may (out of your sight) severally choose one of those numbers; to discover which of those numbers each person shall have chosen.

Number nine.

Number nine, singular property of.

Ornament for a room, beautiful.

Optical game.

Oil, its curious effects upon water.

Oxygen gas, to procure.

Oxygen gas, combustion of charcoal in.

Oxygen gas, combustion of phosphorus in.

Oxygen gas, combustion of zinc in.

Optical experiment.

Optical appearance, pleasing.

Optical illusion.

Optical deception, curious.

Object which is too near the eye to be distinctly perceived, to be seen in a distinct manner, without the interposition of any glass, to make an.

Phenomena, beautiful.

Powder which catches fire when exposed to the air.

Paper prints, to lay on the inside of glass globes.

Padlock to lock on your cheek.

Prospects, illuminated.

Phosphorus, illuminated.

Pump, how to work without manual labour.

Paradox, exposition of a.


Problem, ingenious.

Problem, ingenious, another.

Problem, ingenious, another.

Problem, ingenious, another.

Phosphorized ether, preparation of.

Phosphorescence of wood.

Pressure of fluids at different depths, to exhibit.

Pressure of the atmosphere.

Phial of the elements.


Port or wild fires, of.

Paint gold flowers on silk, to.

Paint silver flowers on silk, to.

Paintings, restoration of.

Painting Japan work, method of.

Perpetual engravings on steel and other metals.

Peg that will exactly fit three different holes, how to make.

Poles in the ground, precisely at an equal distance from each other, to place four.

Potatum of water and wax, to make.

Picture that changes with the weather, a.

Preserving of birds, &c.;

Piece of metal, or any other body, swim upon the surface of the water like a cork, how to make a.

Quadrature of the circle, simple method of solving this problem.

Ring to suspend by a burnt thread.

Ring to put through your cheek, and then bring it on a stick.

Rain gauge, easy method of making.

Ruby, effect of heat on the.

Respiration, experiments in.

Rags into sugar, conversion of.

River spectacles.

Roses blow very late, to make.

Ring, a person having put on one of his fingers, to name the person, the hand, the finger, and the joint on which it is placed.

Rose, the changeable.

Reflection, to set fire to a combustible body by.

Report like that of a gun, to cause with a tobacco-pipe.

Recreation with a hundred numbers, a curious.

Supernatural appearance, to give a person a.

Sympathetic ink.

Scroll wheel, of the vertical.

Saltpetre, of.

Saltpetre, to pulverize.

Squibs and Serpents.

Saline draught, extemporaneous preparation of.

Silvering ivory, easy method of.

Silk or satin, method of painting on.

Stains of ink, to remove the.

Silver paper without silver, after the Chinese manner, very useful in fancy work, to.

Silks, cotton, &c.;, beautiful golden yellow dye for.

Sea plants, method of preserving.

Silver tree.

Spirits of wine, to set fire to by the rays of the sun.

Shilling, to take out of a handkerchief.

Snow-ball, to keep all summer in a perfect state.

Soap-bubbles, inflamed.

Shilling, to turn upon its edges on the point of a needle.

Stick placed on two glasses to break without breaking the glasses.

Shillings, a person having an even number of in one hand, and an odd number in the other to tell in which hand the odd or even number is.

Shock, the inconceivable.

Shower, the fiery.

Stone, the floating.

Sparrows, experiments with.

Specific gravity of solids, to find.

Specific gravities, table of.

Syphon, experiment with the.


Speaking automata.

Sonorous properties of different gases.

Sounds excited in hydrogen gas.

Sounds, musical figures resulting from.

Sounds, beautiful figures in sand &c.; produced.

Spectre on a pedestal in the middle of the table, to produce.


Shadows, Chinese.

Silver, to extract out of a thick-gilded ring.

Subaqueous exhalation.

Sublimated tree.

Stone, to break with a blow of the fist.

Skeletons of small animals, to obtain.

Separation of bodies by weight, to shew.

Substitute for ostrich feathers, a.

Thunder, artificial.

Tumbling egg.

Transmutations, magical.

Thaumatrope, the.

Two figures, one of which blows out and the other relights a candle.

Tree of crystals.

Transposable pieces.

Thunder-storm, safest situation during a.

Tantalus`s cup.

Touch-paper, to make.

Tortoise-shell, working and joining of.

Transformations, valuable.

Tutanang, or Chinese white copper, composition of.

Three knives, the.

Talking busts.

Two merry companions.

Timber in a seventy-four gun ship.

Two dice being thrown, to find the number of points on each die without seeing them.

Vessel that will let out water at the bottom as soon as the mouth is uncorked.

Volcano, artificial.

Visual organs, singular effect on the.

Varnishing Japan work, manner of.

Varnish for silk, which renders it impervious to water or air.

Vacuum, the illuminated.

Voltaic pile.

Viper, curious experiment with.


Well of fire.

Watch-dial, to tell the hour when a person intends to rise, by a.

Water sun.

Wood, to stain black.

Watch, how to hear beat at 20 to 30 yards` distance.

Writing, the luminous.

Withered fruit restored.

Wand, mercurial.

Wheel, the self-moving.

Water, new method of congealing.

Water, to set a combustible body on fire, by.

Water, the pressure of.

Water, to illuminate.

Water, the power of.

Water, expansive force of freezing.

Water, to make ascend between two pieces of glass, and form a regular figure.

Water, how to raise several feet above its ordinary level.

Water, to shew that it is contained in the atmosphere in the driest weather.

Water spout, imitative.

Water, mode of attracting.

Whist, at the game of, what probability is there that the four honours will not be in the hands of any two partners.

Writing in cypher.

Writing, illuminated.

Writing, on glass by the rays of the sun.

Writing to make luminous in the dark.

Writing ink, the art of making the best.

Write in the dark, to.

Wheel barometer in the form of a syphon.

Water-proof cloth.

White gloves of a beautiful purple, to dye.

Washing fine lace or linen, French way of.

Wax candles, to make.

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