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The cross over between peptides and supplements explained

Supplements have been sold online for many years now, offering a fascinating array of treatment for all sorts of ailments and medical problems. Not only has the internet allow a smooth delivery process but prices are cheaper than high street stores. 

All though not commonly known, the peptide scene has taken off to begin replacing the commonly purchased supplements. Obviously, many peptides will not cover the same type of supplement benefits, however, many do, and this is where an interesting crossover has emerged. 

Mostly, online research chemical peptides have been for mostly for bodybuilders and people looking for hormone treatment. Now, there are peptides for nootropic purposes, covering the hot topic of focus and memory. Memory is such a highly sought after enhancement amongst professionals and students that the space is growing rapidly. Not to mention the vendor competition to offer varying formulations and “stacks”

Although Noopept (a cognitive enhancing nootropic supplement) has been sold in powder for, it is now also available as a liquid Peptide from online stores like Other, originally purely supplement based products like Melatonin have also begun the switch, with many stores offering either Melatonin directly or a peptide analogue, 

Similarly, Adrafinil may not be in line to become a research peptide with some interesting benefits for those who frequently ingest Adrafinil as a memory booster. Adrafinil is discussed in detail on with an interesting dosage

Whether or not more product follow trend and begin cropping up on peptide sites is anyone’s guess, however, watch this space as we may well see a full migration of memory based supplements like Noopept and Adrafinil, slowly but surely drifting into the research chemical niche and quickly onto peptide catalogues. 

The cross over between peptides and supplements explained

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