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Fulminating Silver

page 2 - The young Man`s Book of Amusement

page 3 - The young Man`s Book of Amusement

In typical "The Young Man`s Book of Amusement" style, this cautious account about fulminating silver (...the great danger attending its manufacture prevents us from giving a methodical account of its preparation to our readers,...) is directly followed by "To prepare Fulminating Silver". The very account supposedly too dangerous to print!

The first four pages of the book speak volumes about the astute unknown author. The differing reactions, of enthusiastic school-boy and loving parent, to the content being catered for (read Glitch`s reaction to the book). Page one has only lame instructions for the manufacture of edible candles. Pages 2 to 4 contain:-

Fulminating Powder
Another Fuminating Powder
A more powerful Fulminating Powder
To prepare Fulminating Silver
The detonating Candle
To make an artificial Spider, containing Fulminating Silver
Fulminating Bombs ( the 1854 version of "Snaps")

Note - With the frightening global increase in terrorism, some readers may be concerned about the possible use of this information by madmen. Fulminating Silver has never had any practical explosive use, other than for toy noise makers like "Snaps" (in very small quantities). The substance is extremely unstable, and gram quantities can explode because of frictional static electricity, or spontaneously! Certainly anyone intent on producing this substance in murderous quantities would be blown to smithereens during the manufacturing process.

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