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A Diary of Updates to Lateral Science

A Perpetual Motion Machine of the 1850`s Soret`s 1868 apparatus for the determination of the density of ozone. It`s  use of Graham`s law of diffusion is obvious lead crystals, growing on zinc immersed in lead acetate solution

12th April '06 Lateral Science Inverted A section outlining my present adventures in Australia. After a long absence from Lateral Science, these odd antipodean anecdotes are my way of getting back into the swing of regularly updating the website. The subpages are not noted here (nor will additions) ... I can't be bothered, as I'm on holiday until 22nd May!

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10th May `04 Slickensides Galena & Other Naturally Occurring Explosives

17th April `04 Two subjects at opposite ends of the science spectrum: Oft Overlooked Innovations Within Van de Graaff`s Original Patent of 1935 and the invaluable Writing Under the Shell of an Egg

30th March `04 Spectacular Isolation of Metallic Potassium & Sodium by Davy added

29th March `04 page added - Mr. Perkins` Extraordinary Steam Gun of 1824. Addition of descriptive text to Helix Chemica page

14th March `04 New pages - The Operation of a 1950`s Cyclotron & The Production of Fine Bluish Crystals of Aluminium Nitride. Also the Beagle 2 page has been altered and comments added to the Metallic Carbonyls page

31st Dec `03 Last page for 2003 - Davy & Laughing Gas. Have a happy new year!

6th Nov `03 new page on Beagle 2

19th Oct `03 Edison - The Menlo Park Drugs Baron

11th Oct `03 New article - Weapon of Mass Destruction

7th Oct `03 Changes to the Ernest Glitch Chronicles page

29th Aug `03 Radon Collection added.

27th Aug `03 Links to archived BBC science radio programmes & an alchemy monologue

9th Aug `03 Interesting phosphorus subjects

30th July `03 Lord Rayleigh`s Active Nitrogen added

19th July `03 New article by Darwin - Fulgurites

7th July `03 Changes to The Young Man`s Book of Amusement, and associated pages

1st July `03 lateral science  icons added to give long lists identity. Site one year old. Hits - 280,288

29th June `03 photo added The Most Powerful Rock Ever Found

9th June `03 Painting of an artificial volcano added to artificial volcanism

3rd June `03 Some text added to The Laboratory of Ernest Glitch

1st June `03 Additions to the site -
The Ernest Glitch Chronicles
-- The 1855 Grand National Steeplechase at Aintree
-- Observation of Light Emission from Electrically Stressed Silicon Carbide Crystals
Moist Conductors of the Second Class
The Evolution of the Zip
Pages deleted -
Next Month - I don`t need self induced deadline stress
Miscellaneous - subjects incorporated into main page
Page Frozen -
Site Details - This page will not be updated. It recorded the site statistics from mid November 2002 - beginning of June 2003. The figures were taking up too much of my time - for instance, sorting out real hits from those of over-enthusiastic web-crawler robots. And who cares anyway? It`s just numbers.

1st May `03 New articles -
Artificial Volcanism
The Glitch Machine Gun
-- Hodges Notes of above

16th April `03 dangerous magic added -
Pyrotechnic Magic
-- An Initial Cautionary Note
-- To Fire Paper, etc., by Breathing on it
-- Burning Brimstone
-- Burning Sealing Wax
-- Blazing Sponge Trick
-- Demon Bowls of Fire
-- The Burning Banana
-- Sparks from the Finger Tips
-- To Take Boiling Lead in the Mouth
-- To Eat Burning Coals
-- Chain of Fire
-- Biting Off Red-Hot Iron
-- Water Stirred Yellow, Scarlet & Colourless

15th April `03 new - Metallic Carbonyls

8th April `03 New pages -
Fulminating Oils - Sweat of the Devil
-- Safe Breaker`s Tools

1st April `03 New Articles -
Guide to AutoLobotomy
The Glitch Sporting Bathyscaphe
The Science of Pool
-- Cue Ball Velocity Measured Acoustically
-- Never Blame Your Equipment
-- Importance of Concentration, Regardless of Distractions
-- A Thinking Mans Game, Even in the Wild West

22nd -- 26th March `03 Temporarily enabled purchase of Young Man`s Book of Amusement CD-ROM.

16th March `03 Illustration of double double Van Marums added to article below

1st March `03 this month`s Glitch article - 1858: The First X-Ray?

17th Feb `03 Addition to Dr. Diode -
Jacob`s Ladder
Ladder Accident

15th Feb `03 letter from Liebig added to "Tore off both the legs from the unfortunate M. Hervy"

12th Feb `03 new article - ozone

1st Feb `03 New Glitch article plus chapter scanned from 1853 book
Glitch Constructs Hypersonic Gun
Red Sprites & Blue Jets

27th Jan `03 Site Access Statistics included in Site Details page

22nd Jan `03 A couple of links added. Plus, to the miscellaneous section -
Colloidal Growth

20th Jan 03 Two new items -
Strutt`s Radium Clock
Dr. Diode AeroSpace

19th Jan 2003 Illustrations added to Victorian Cyclotron

14th Jan 2003 Two new sections added -
Lateral Links
Lateral Miscellany
-- Hydrogen Metal
-- Helix Chemica
-- The Laboratory of Ernest Glitch
Also "The Wimshurst Machine" article enriched & renamed -
A Wimshurst Machine, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip & The Bishop of Durham

2nd Jan 2003 Victorian Cyclotron added

30th Dec 2002 .wav of Einstein added to Dr. Diodes page

26th Dec 2002 Turned off the ability to purchase The Young Man`s Book of Amusement CD-ROM

18th Dec 2002 Arrival of.......
Doctor Diode
-- Room Temperature Fusion
-- Nuclear Sound Recording
-- Tarmac Spider

17th Dec 2002 a small article added
"Tore off both the legs from the unfortunate M. Hervy"

16th Dec 2002 New article -
Coolidge uses 200kV Lenard Rays to Punch Holes in Rabbits Ears

6th Dec 2002 Article added two months late
Experimenting with Weapons-Grade Fissile Material in the Home
text added to Atomic Hydrogen Welding

1st Dec 2002 Latest Glitch Article
The First Flight

25th Nov 2002 Purchasing on-line for CD-ROM
Ordering The Young Mans Book of Amusement CD-ROM
Example page from CD-ROM

4th Nov 2002 Glitch article -
19th Century Jet-Powered Flying Machine in Weardale

1st Nov 2002 Pages added -
The Cloud Chamber
- Wilson's 1899 Model
- A Low Pressure Diffusion Cloud Chamber, by H. Slatis 1956

15th Oct 2002 Index (text as opposed to scanned) added to Young Man's Book of Amusement pages

1st Oct 2002 New pages added -
Victorian Tesla Coil, with reference to a possible medieval Coil
Mechanical Television

8th Sept 2002 Wimshurst pages added
The Wimshurst Machine
- Detail of a Wimshurst Painting

7th Sept 2002 Tesla pages added
The Breit Tesla Coil 1930
- Tesla Coils - High Voltage Lab.Technique - six pages

1st Sept 2002 Glitch article added
Victorian Liquid-Fuel Rocket Engine

28th August 2002 pages added-
A Method of Electro-Plating Lizards
- Chitinous Foot-Falls
Glowing Radium Chloride
Fulminating Silver
Fluorescence of CaF2 (Eu) with 337.1nm laser?
two new (amusing?) pics added to GOLD - an element of beauty & violence

20th August 2002 these pages added -
Valuable Transformation
GOLD - an element of beauty & violence
- Gold from Liberia
- Getting Gold, an on-line book

1st August 2002 Picture of CD-ROM added to The Young Mans Book of Amusement page.
The following new pages added -
Fluorine, Tiger of Chemistry
- Fluorine from Partington
- Fluorine from Mellor
- Explosive Antimony
-- Antimony, from Mellor & Partington
Victorian Fullerene Discovery
- Flesh Transducer
Atomic Hydrogen Blowtorch
- Atomic Hydrogen Welding
The Leyden Jar
- The Leyden Jar -- Rudimentary Electricity
- The Leyden Battery
- Leyden Jar Experiments
-- The Leyden Phial
-- To Pierce a Card &c.; by Electricity
-- The Inconceivable Shock
-- Electrical Illumination
-- The Miraculous Luminaries
-- The Illuminated Vacuum
-- Resin Ignited by Electricity
-- Electrified Ball

29th July 2002 slight changes to the main page & restricted access pages link added

24th July 2002 new article Extracted Experiments

13th July 2002 graphic added to "next month" page

10th July 2002 new article
Galvanic Reanimation of the Dead

8th July 2002 experiments added to The Young Mans Book of Amusement -
Expansive Force of Freezing Water
To Recover a Fly after being drowned several hours
To obtain exquisite Skeletons of Small Animals

1st - 7th July 2002 Site on-line with :-
Main Page
-The Young Mans Book of Amusement
---Large graphic of pullout
---Galvanic Experiments on the Dead Body of a Criminal
---Beautiful Electrical Experiment
---Very Beautiful Artificial Petrifactions
---The Electric Kite
---Artificial Volcano
---The Fiery Fountain
---Method of receiving the Electrical Shock from a Cat
---On sounds excited in Hydrogen Gas
---The index for your perusal
-An Excellent Van de Graaff Design from 1938
---Full Article
-Victorian Nitrogen Laser
---Influence machine
-"A large globe of bluish fire struck Professor Richman on the head, and he instantly expired"
-next month
-site details
---What`s New
---Main image details
---Penrose Art (hosted site)
---Practical Perspective (hosted site)

A 63MeV positron from the right enters 6mm of lead and emerges with 23MeV energy

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