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Pyrotechnic Magic

Unbelievably Dangerous Magic Tricks for the Magician With a Death Wish,
from the 1948 edition of Fortunes in Formulas, by G.D.Hiscox & Prof. Sloane

These examples basically ensure the performer quick admittance to a burns unit.
Please don`t attempt to entertain using carbon disulphide, white phosphorus,
ether, potassium metal, petrol (gasoline) or deadly poisons

lateral science An Initial Cautionary Note
Particularly concerning the "Human Gas Trick"

lateral science To Fire Paper, etc., by Breathing on it
Molotov cocktail mixture for the magician

lateral science Burning Brimstone
Fun with a mixture of burning sulphur & petrol in the mouth

lateral science Burning Sealing Wax
"The moisture of the mouth cools it almost instantly"

lateral science Blazing Sponge Trick
Where else? In the mouth.

lateral science Demon Bowls of Fire
This one could torch the house, after the potassium explosions spray burning ether about

lateral science The Burning Banana
Almost tame, this one

lateral science Sparks from the Finger Tips
The safest trick

lateral science To Take Boiling Lead in the Mouth
Upon seeing a vat of boiling lead, who among us can honestly say they`ve never been tempted?

lateral science To Eat Burning Coals
After the boiling lead, only of minimal interest

lateral science Chain of Fire
"should it fall it would probably inflict a serious burn"

lateral science Biting Off Red-Hot Iron
"being careful not to let it touch your lips..."

lateral science Water Stirred Yellow, Scarlet & Colourless
Not pyrotechnical, but imbued with the possibility of accidental death by mercuric chloride poisoning

WARNING! For Information Only - Please don`t try these obscenely dangerous "magic" tricks!
No liability will be accepted for death, injury or damage arising from experimentation using any information presented here.

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