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Feather found alongside the Lodden river, Goldfields VIC
Lateral Science Inverted
Three months in Australia

3rd April '06

Feather found alongside the shopping mall, Narre Warren VIC

Ahh, the smell of ozone in the afternoon!
Scienceworks, next to Spotswood Shit-Pumping Works, high voltage thrills, meteorite rip-off & dodgy sundial

I got here at opening time, 10am, and had a quick look round. It's a great place for children, with interactive exhibits etc. However I was here to see their Tesla coil operating. This wasn't gonna happen 'till 1pm, so I bought a meteorite for $20 in the shop and took a coupla foties of railway memorabilia from the other side of the world.

Darlington is about 6 miles from my home town Good old Geordie iron MUST be a good make

Leaving the museum for an hour or so, I drove down to the Williamstown peninsula to chill out with an anchor thro' me head and look at my purchase.

Downtown Melbourne

Roger's Anchored Rust

Looked like a good buy... in the shop. Labelled as Nantan Octahedrite, China. As soon as I handled the object though, it became apparent it was iffy. Not dense enough. It's just the oxidised layer from meteoric iron as it's weathered. $20 rust. Still interesting, but hardly octahedrite. Anyway, upon return to Scienceworks, I took this foto of their giant sundial in bright sunlight. No shadow.

Gnomon directly illuminated
Sundial at 12.20

Had a quick look round the pumping house, which once dealt with Melbourne sewage using huge steam pumps. Quite interesting if you're into Victorian-age turd-management.

1890's 2006
Steam powered excrement equipment

The high voltage show was very well done. The lecturer was informative & got a few laughs, with excellent demos of a small Van de Graaff, impulse generator and a large Tesla coil. Well worth the visit!

Van de Graaff Generator Charged Girl
Van de Graaff Generator gives a bird from the audience a hair-raising experience

Safety fencing
HV equipment behind chain link (flashback to Albert Park F1 cars)

A large Tesla coil
You could hear the spark-gap rotate up to speed before discharge began.
Also, the top toroid has a slowly rotating arc discharge point on it.
This enables "lightning" to strike a car and various mannequins in turn

Cockcroft Walton generator
Impulse generator
This appeared to be a Cockcroft Walton voltage doubler arrangement rather than a Marx set-up.
They had a Marx generator and a can-crusher, but they weren't demo'd

Some underwhelming videos of actually very spectacular high frequency discharges -

Lateral Science Inverted Tesla coil discharge (Quicktime vid, 5.6MB)

Lateral Science Inverted Rotating Tesla coil discharge (Quicktime vid, 12MB)

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