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Feather found alongside the Lodden river, Goldfields VIC
Lateral Science Inverted
Three months in Australia

24th Feb - 22nd May 2006

Feather found alongside the shopping mall, Narre Warren VIC

This section of Lateral Science is a series of accounts and photographs of three months in Australia. It was started mostly for my friends to read, as I quickly discovered emailing them stuff was becoming too time consuming. If you don't know me, I must warn you that it's written as I would normally converse; which means a certain admixture of er... dodgy language will be apparent!

I`d decided to get away from the north-east of England in order to regain a measure of direction in my life. I'd become depressed when my Sis became ill. Lateral Science has not been updated since May 2004, and I haven't replied to any emails for years. This trip will, I hope, enable me to get my life back on track. Upon return the the UK I intend to regularly upload new subjects to the Lateral Science website, offer "The Young Man's Book of Amusement" CDROM for sale via a distributor, and attempt to get the Glitch & Hodges novel published! For now, within these pages, I hope to amuse folk with odd antipodean anecdotes.

Note: Short videos are included. They are in Quicktime format, if you're using an Internet cafe compo it may not have the player installed. If you've got Quicktime player, your browser will probably prompt you to click that the content is OK to run. It is.

The notes in green indicate delays.
Come back later and all will be up to date. Probably. (I am on holiday!)

Whoa! More delay for this blog! I'm gannin to Tasmania on the 23rd Apr for 10 days. Not takin laptop. Gonna pan for Osmiridium and search for Platypus & Devils. Read 'bout NSW at bottom of this page for now.

Lateral Science Inverted Pipped at the post by Mary for my first KILL in Australia!
An adrenaline pumping moment in the suburbs of Melbourne (not yet uploaded)

Lateral Science Inverted Necrotising Arachnidism
A bite to the penis from one of these wee beasties would be rather unfortunate

Lateral Science Inverted Look at the balls on that bastard!
Attempting to find a gold nugget bigger than "The Welcome Stranger" (not yet uploaded)

Lateral Science Inverted Mad Dan Morgan gets his scrotum made into a purse
Some history of the gold rush around Dunnoly (incomplete)

Lateral Science Inverted Les! There's one over there as big as me leg!
To hell with posh fishing tackle, I could have killed these monsters with a pointed stick (not yet uploaded)

Lateral Science Inverted Skippy & his pals are a little wary of Mad Rog
Massive trees & ferns in the afternoon, surrounded by curious kangaroos at dusk (not yet uploaded)

Lateral Science Inverted Coincidences of meteoric proportions!
Widmanstatten patterns and a Platypus skeleton (not yet uploaded)

Lateral Science Inverted Darren's arse gets attention from an angry arachnid
Horrific bites to the posterior in 2001

Lateral Science Inverted Fcuk the Koalas, look at that bastard!
Chasing a rather large Pseudechis porphyriacus (not yet uploaded)

Lateral Science Inverted Near envenomation by a BIG Latrodectus hasselti
Playing with Redback spiders is not for the faint-hearted. An inch or two from hospital!

Lateral Science Inverted It's the heart-attack zone!
Experiment - Determining the efficiency of an unfit 47 yr old man to race up the 1000 steps of the Kokoda trail (not yet uploaded)

Lateral Science Inverted Twitcher Foties
A few photographs illustrating the diversity of antipodean avian fauna (incomplete)

Lateral Science Inverted 19,000RPM 20ft away costs $55 and is bloody painful!
Formula 1 marshals tell deaf Mad Rog off. EH? Section for motorsports enthusiasts only

Lateral Science Inverted Ahh, the smell of ozone in the afternoon!
Scienceworks, next to Spotswood Shit-Pumping Works, high voltage thrills, meteorite rip-off & dodgy sundial

Lateral Science Inverted Jeez, if that's come oota spider's arse, itsa big'un!
Stunning waterfall & blowhole, extinct megafauna & volcano, friendly roos & golden silk.

Lateral Science Inverted Easter Auriferous Endeavours
GOLD! Plus spectacular blow-hole, exotic flora, ant attack, Cu/Zn alloy primate de-testiculation temperatures & magnificent Wedgies

Lateral Science Inverted More antipodean anecdotes & foties are on their way!
That is, as soon as I've experienced or researched them! Return to this page for more inverted madness

Lateral Science Inverted is dedicated to my dear sister Janet.
She would have thought I'm doing the right thing.

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