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A Miscellany of Mineralogical Articles

A selection of interesting articles from 85 years of the periodical American Mineralogist. They are presented here in no particular order.
Mineral photos by Rob Lavinsky add some colour and vitality to the list, but are unconnected to any of the articles.

lateral science  A unique green quartz 1977
Kurt Nassau and Betty E. Prescott

lateral science  Some mineral inclusions from African and Brazilian diamonds: their nature and significance 1977
Richard S. Mitchell and A. A. Giardini

lateral science  Surface structures of trigonal bipyramidal faces of natural quartz crystals 1977
M. S. Joshi and Baby K. Paul

lateral science  Chemistry and mineralogy of wood-tin, Black Range, New Mexico 1977
John L. Lufkin

lateral science  Downeyite, the first verified natural occurrence of Selenium dioxide 1977
Robert B. Finkelman and Mary E. Mrose

lateral science  Buchwaldite, a new meteoritic phosphate mineral 1977
Edward Olsen, Joseph Erlichman, T. E. Bunch and Paul B. Moore

lateral science  Christite, a new thallium mineral from the Carlin gold deposit, Nevada 1977
Arthur S. Radtke, Frank W. Dickson, John F. Slack and Kevin L. Brown

lateral science  Mineral inclusions in an Arkansas diamond 1977
M. Gary Newton, Charles E. Melton and A. A. Giardini

lateral science  Fingerite, a new vanadium sublimate from Izalco volcano, El Salvador: descriptive mineralogy 1985
John M. Hughes and C. G. Hadidiacos

lateral science  Fluid inclusion geobarometry from ejected Mt. Somma-Vesuvius nodules 1985
Harvey E. Belkin, Benedetto De Vivo, Edwin Roedder and Massimo Cortini

lateral science  Genesis of diamond: a mantle saga 1985
Henry O. A. Meyer

lateral science  Lathanite-(Ce), a new mineral from Wales, U.K. 1985
Richard E. Bevins, George Rowbotham, Frederick S. Stephens, Stephen Turgoose and Peter A. Williams

lateral science  Crystal chemistry: past, present, and future 1985
Charles T. Prewitt

lateral science  Carbonate ion disorder in synthetic and biogenic magnesian calcites: a Raman spectral study 1985
William D. Bischoff, Shiv K. Sharma and Fred T. Mackenzie

lateral science  The mineralogy of human urinary stones from Calgary, Quito and Honolulu 1985
A. A. Levinson, M. Paz y Mino, U. K. Stams and A. Hariharan

lateral science  Luminescence, color and fission track zoning in apatite crystals of the Panasqueira tin-tungsten deposit, Beira-Baixa, Portugal 1985
Craig Knutson, Donald R. Peacor and William C. Kelly

lateral science  Mineralogy and partial melting of fenitized crustal xenoliths in the Oldoinyo Lengai carbonatitic volcano, Tanzania 1985
Viorica Morogan and Robert F. Martin

lateral science  Amethyst color in quartz, the result of radiation protection involving iron 1985
Alvin J. Cohen

lateral science  Costibite (CoSbS) A new mineral from Broken Hill, N.S.W., Australia 1970
L. J. Cabri, D. C. Harris, and J. M. Stewart

lateral science  A probable second occurrence of Jambor's "fibrous iron sulfide" 1970
A. H. Clark

lateral science  Trapiche emeralds from Chivor and Muzo, Colombia 1970
K. Nassau and K. A. Jackson

lateral science  Trapiche emeralds from Colombia: Correction 1970
K. Nassau and K. A. Jackson

lateral science  The distribution of uranium, rare earths and color centers in a crystal of natural zircon 1970
P. E. Fielding

lateral science  Metastibnite from The Geysers, Sonoma County, California 1970
D. G. Brookins

lateral science  Eicosyl alcohol: An organic constituent of calcite from Deutsch-Altenburg, Austria 1970
Charles J. Kelly, Jr.

lateral science  Tungstenian wulfenites, Mina San Samuel, Cachiyuyo de Llampos, Chile 1970
Alan H. Clark and Richard H. Sillitoe

lateral science  A distinction between natural and synthetic emeralds 1964
Ichiro Sunagawa

lateral science  Electropolishing of pyrite 1964
Ernest G. Ehlers and John D. Birle

lateral science  Recovery of coesite and stishovite from Coconino Sandstone of Meteor Crater, Arizona 1964
J. J. Fahey

lateral science  Fluorite from the Badu pegmatite, Llano County, Texas 1964
Robert Greenwood

lateral science  The calcite cave in the New York State Museum 1920
H. F. Gardner

lateral science  Collecting minerals in Cumberland, England 1920
Paul Walther

lateral science  Etching iron meteorites 1920
Oliver C. Farrington

lateral science  Stibnite in quartz 1935
Noel H. Stearn

lateral science  Topaz from Devil's Head, Colorado 1935
M. A. Peacock

lateral science  U-galena and uraninite in Bedford, New York cyrtolite 1935
Paul F. Kerr

lateral science  The size of crystals 1935
Clifford Frondel

lateral science  Spectrographic analysis of tourmalines with correlation of color and composition 1935
T. W. Warner, Jr.

lateral science  Some properties of diamond 1958
E. N. Bunting and A. Van Valkenburg

lateral science  Production of graphite single crystals by thermal decomposition of aluminum carbide 1958
L. M. Foster, G. Long and H. S. Stumpf

lateral science  Excess helium and argon in beryl and other minerals 1958
Paul E. Damon and J. Laurence Kulp

lateral science  Synthesis and properties of carnotite and its alkali analogues 1958
Paul B. Barton, Jr.

lateral science  Investigation of the minor elements in diamond 1942
Frank G. Chesley

lateral science  Octahedron-like crystals of calcite 1942
Waldemar T. Schaller

lateral science  Symposium on diamonds 1942
Edward H. Kraus, Sydney H. Ball, Lazare Kaplan, Paul L. Herz, Alexander Shayne, Chester B. Slawson, A. A. Klein, Harry Berman

lateral science  Struvite in canned lobster 1942
Vincent L. Ayres

lateral science  Boulangerite 1942
Charles Palache and Harry Berman

lateral science  A rapid qualitative test for tellurium 1942
Hatfield Goudey

lateral science  American synthetic emerald 1942
Austin F. Rogers and Francis J. Sperisen

lateral science  Role of natural radiation in tourmaline coloration: Discussion 1990

lateral science  Factors influencing short-lived blue cathodoluminescence of a-quartz 1990

lateral science  Silicon carbide cluster entrapped in a diamond from Fuxian, China 1990

lateral science  An examination of red beryl from Utah 1968
K. Nassau and D. L. Wood

lateral science  Inexpensive crystal structure models of framework tetrahedra 1968
G. V. Gibbs and G. C. Grender

lateral science  Synthesis of graphite at room temperatures 1953
Chester S. Slawson

lateral science  Directional grinding hardness in diamond 1953
Reynolds M. Denning

lateral science  Oriented olivine inclusions in diamond 1953
R. S. Mitchell and A. A. Giardini

lateral science  Fluid inclusions in beryl and quartz from pegmatites of the Middletown district, Connecticut 1953
Eugene N. Cameron, Robert B. Rowe, and Paul L. Weis

lateral science  Fluid inclusions in minerals from zoned pegmatites of the Black Hills, South Dakota 1953
Paul L. Weis

lateral science  Composition, tenebrescence and luminescence of spodumene minerals 1953
Esther W. Claffy

lateral science  The Mayodan meteorite, Rockingham, North Carolina 1953
Edward P. Henderson and Stuart H. Perry

lateral science  Zoned zircon from Oklahoma 1953
Esper S. Larsen, Jr., C. L: Waring, and Joseph Berman

lateral science  The Rosebud meteorite, Milam County, Texas 1939
Fred M. Bullard

lateral science  Darkening of cinnabar in sunlight 1939
Robert M. Dreyer

lateral science  Santa Luzia de Goyaz meteorite 1939
V. B. Meen

lateral science  Identification of diamond in the Canyon Diablo iron 1939
C.J. Ksanda and E. P. Henderson

lateral science  Carbonado from Venezuela 1948
Paul F. Kerr, Donald L. Graf and Sydney H. Ball

lateral science  Gold crystals from the Southern Appalachians 1948
Stephen Taber

lateral science  Reexamination of the Soper, Oklahoma meteorite 1948
E. P. Henderson and Stuart H. Perry

lateral science  A chemical study of the yellow incrustations on the Vesuvian lava of 1631 1927
F. Zambonini and G. Carobbi. Abstract by Henry S. Washington

lateral science  The minerals of Vesuvius 1927
Albert Pelloux

lateral science  The selenite caves of Naica, Mexico 1927
William F. Foshag

lateral science  The Florence Meteorite of Williamson County, Texas 1927
John T. Lonsdale

lateral science  Pyrite crystals from Broadway and 207th Street, New York City 1927
Herbert P. Whitlock

lateral science  Stalactitic barite from Madoc, Ontario 1927
T. L. Walker

lateral science  Amber and its origin 1927
George F. Black

lateral science  Amber and its origin 2 1927
George F. Black

lateral science  Amber and its origin 3 1927
George F. Black

lateral science  Amber and its origin 4 1927
George F. Black

lateral science  Linarite and leadhillite from Idaho 1927
Earl V. Shannon

lateral science  Sir William Crookes 1927
George F. Kunz

lateral science  Famous mineral localities: Yuma County, Arizona 1919
William F. Foshag

lateral science  Fluorite from Madoc, Ontario 1927
T. L. Walker

lateral science  The use of proton irradiation to reveal growth and deformation features in fluorite 1980
Ronald W. T. Wilkins and J. R. Bird

lateral science  A new iron meteorite from Carbo, Mexico 1930
Charles Palache and F. A. Gonyer

lateral science  Translation-gliding in crystals 1930
M. J. Buerger

lateral science  Translation-gliding in crystals 1930
M. J. Buerger

lateral science  Translation-gliding in crystals 1930
M. J. Buerger

lateral science  A remarkable occurrence of thucholite and oil in a pegmatite dyke, Parry Sound district, Ontario 1930
Hugh S. Spence

lateral science  Gallium IV. Occurrence of gallium in zinc minerals 1930
Jacob Papish and Chester B. Stilson

lateral science  Fluorescence of minerals in ultra-violet rays 1929
L. J. Spencer

lateral science  Pseudo-cubic quartz crystals from Artesia, New Mexico 1929
W. A. Tarr and John T. Lonsdale

lateral science  An Illinois record copper erratic 1929
A. R. Crook

lateral science  Green sphalerite from Sonora, Mexico 1929
R. J. Leonard

lateral science  A unique formation of satin spar 1929
Victor G. Hills

lateral science  The largest meteors 1929
"Science" Mar. 22, 1929

lateral science  Magnet Cove Arkansas and vicinity 1929
William L. Haltom

lateral science  The gem regions of North Carolina 1929
Harry W. Trudell

lateral science  Ulexite from Lang, California 1929
William Foshag

lateral science  Diamond-bearing gravel from Belgian Congo 1917
M. G. Edwards

lateral science  The occurrence of the native elements 1917
Edgar T. Wherry

lateral science  The composition of seleniferous sulfur 1917
Glenn V. Brown

lateral science  Blue and brown topaz produced by gamma irradiation 1975
Kurt Nassau and Betty E. Prescott

lateral science  Gamma ray irradiation-induced changes in the color of tourmalines 1975
Kurt Nassau

lateral science  The nature of cloud-like inclusions in two Arkansas diamonds A. A. Giardini and Charles 1975
E. Melton

lateral science  Mineralogy of lunar norite 78235; second lunar occurrence of P21ca pyroxene from Apollo 17 soils 1975
Ian M. Steele

lateral science  Electrical properties of opal 1989

lateral science  On the electrochemical origin of natural graphite 1971
Paul C. Marx

lateral science  Formation of lonsdaleite from single-crystal graphite 1971
Kathleen Lonsdale

lateral science  The relation between "light wolframite" and common wolframite 1971
Carmen Escobar, Hilda Cid-Dresdner, Pablo Kittl, and Irene Dümler

lateral science  A platinum-metal nugget from Trinity County, California 1971
Kenneth G. Snetsinger

lateral science  Carbon from Ubangi - A microstructural study 1971
Lucien H. Trueb and E. Christiaan de Wys

lateral science  Occurrence of wollastonite, rhönite, and andradite in the Allende meteorite 1971
Louis H. Fuchs

lateral science  The uranium minerals from the Hillside Mine, Yavapai County, Arizona 1951
Joseph M. Axelrod, Frank S. Grimaldi, Charles Milton, and K. J. Murata

lateral science  Minerals of the eastern Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles City 1951
George J. Neuerburg

lateral science  A restudy of the Social Circle, Georgia, meteorite 1951
E. P. Henderson and Stuart H. Perry

lateral science  The greenockite locality at Bishopton, Scotland 1951
H. F. Harwood

lateral science  Fluid inclusions in beryl and quartz from pegmatites of the Middletown District, Connecticut 1951
Eugene N. Cameron, Robert B. Rowe, and Paul L. Weis

lateral science  The destruction of the Liege museum 1945
J. D. H. Donnay

lateral science  The genesis of twin crystals 1945
M. J. Buerger

lateral science  Monazite from North Carolina having the alexandrite effect 1982
Lawrence R. Bernstein

lateral science  Unusual etch pits in quartz crystals 1960
J. W. Nielsen and F. G. Foster

lateral science  Occurrence of multi form fluorite from Mexico 1960
Paul E. Desautels

lateral science  The photo-luminescence of Illinois fluorite and certain zinc minerals and associated species from the Joplin, Missouri, District 1933
E. Mitchell Gunnell

lateral science  Note on the structure of carbonado or black diamond 1933
Chas. R. Fettke and Frank C. Sturges

lateral science  Twisted millerite crystals 1933
A. C. Hawkins

lateral science  Mercury in native silver 1933
W. H. Newhouse

lateral science  A day in a Ceylon gem field 1933
Joseph L. Gillson

lateral science  Crystal cavities in lavas from the Hawaiian Islands 1933
Kinsgley C. Dunham

lateral science  A large monazite crystal from North Carolina 1933
Waldemar T. Schaller

lateral science  Radio-detector minerals 1925
Edgar T. Wherry

lateral science  A fulgurite from South Amboy, New Jersey 1925
W. M. Myers and Albert B. Peck

lateral science  "Zebra" rock 1931
David W. Trainer

lateral science  An Arizona gold nugget of unusual size 1931
Robert E. S. Heineman

lateral science  The cleavage surfaces of galena 1931
R. E. Head

lateral science  Effect of light on polished surfaces of silver minerals 1931
Maynard M. Stephens

lateral science  The coloring and thermophosphorescence produced in transparent minerals and gems by radium radiation 1923
S. C. Lind and D. C. Bardwell

lateral science  The coloring of the diamond by radium radiation 1923
S. C. Lind and D. C. Bardwel

lateral science  A concise compilation of petrologic information on possibly pristine nonmare Moon rocks 1993

lateral science  CH4-rich inclusions from quartz veins in the Valley-and-Ridge province and the anthracite fields of the Pennsylvania Appalachians 1993

lateral science  Blackening of natural quartz by gamma irradiation 1966
Charles J. Ritter and William H. Dennen

lateral science  Thermoluminescence of fluorite and age of deposition 1966
Frank N. Blanchard

lateral science  Thermoluminescence of calcite from high gamma radiation doses 1966
J. E. Vaz and E. J. Zeller

lateral science  Mineralogical investigations in the debris of the Gnome event near Carlsbad, New Mexico 1966
J. S. Kahn and D. K. Smith

lateral science  The significance of habit and morphology of wulfenite 1966
Sidney A. Williams

lateral science  Magnesium phosphate mineral replacement at Mono Lake, California 1966
Lewis H. Cohen and Paul H. Ribbe

lateral science  Selective incrustation of minerals 1937
Clifford Frondel

lateral science  Identification of the opaque minerals by electrochemical methods 1943
Daniel V. Dodge

lateral science  Autoradiography of minerals 1943
Clark Goodman and George A. Thompson

lateral science  Studies in mineral fluorescence 1938
Edward S. C. Smith and William H. Parsons

lateral science  Natural amalgams 1938
Harry Berman and G. A. Harcourt

lateral science  Cannizzarite and bismuthinite from Vulcano 1938
C. W. Wolfe

lateral science  On the nature of the opal-like outer layer of coated diamonds 1950
J. F. H. Custers

lateral science  Red gold from the San Antonio gold mine, Bissett, Manitoba 1950
R. B. Ferguson

lateral science  Thermoelectric power and electrical resistivity of minerals 1950
Maria Telkes

lateral science  The aqueous emanation from Paricutin volcano 1950
W. F. Foshag

lateral science  Structure in diamonds as revealed by etching 1965
Michael Seal

lateral science  Microstructures on Panna diamond surfaces 1965
A. R. Patel and M. K. Agarwal

lateral science  The growth of crocoite single crystals 1965
Ferenc E. Rosztoczy

lateral science  Tubular voids within labradorite phenocrysts from Sonora, Mexico 1974
James T. Gutmann

lateral science  The composition and significance of gas released from natural diamonds from Africa and Brazil 1974
Charles E. Melton, and A. A. Giardini

lateral science  The Aggie Creek meteorite from Seward Peninsula, Alaska 1949
Edward P. Henderson

lateral science  An improved method of etching iron meteorites 1949
B. O. Reberholt and E. P. Henderson

lateral science  The mines at the Falls of French Creek, Chester County, Pennsylvania 1928
George Vaux, Jr

lateral science  Phosphorescence and fluorescence of Franklin minerals 1928
Charles Palache

lateral science  Experiments in x-ray irradiation of gem stones 1947
Frederick H. Pough and T. H. Rogers

lateral science  An improved apparatus for detecting piezoelectricity 1947
Ralph G. Stokes

lateral science  The luminescence, and tenebrescence of natural and synthetic sodalite 1955
Russell D. Kirk

lateral science  Radon leakage from radioactive minerals 1955
Bruno J. Giletti and Laurence Kulp

lateral science  The observation of nitrogen water, carbon dioxide, methane and argon as impurities in natural diamonds 1972
Charles E. Melton, C. A. Salotti, and A. A. Giardini

lateral science  Microstructural investigation of ballas diamond 1972
Lucien F. Trueb and Charles S. Barrett

lateral science  Problems in the study of meteorites 1941
W. F. Foshag

lateral science  Types of coloring in minerals 1941
T. G. Kennard and D. H. Howell

lateral science  A metallic meteorite from Ogallala, Nebraska 1932
H. H. Nininger

lateral science  Two new iron meteorites from Chile and Texas 1932
Charles Palache and F. A. Gonyer

lateral science  The largest crystal 1932
Charles Palache

lateral science  Witherite composition, physical properties, and genesis 1979
Arthur Baldasari and J. Alexander Speer

lateral science  Mineralogy of manganese dendrites and coatings 1979
Russell M. Potter and George R Rossman

lateral science  Thermoluminescence of synthetic fluorite 1967
Frank N. Blanchard

lateral science  The "alexandrite effect": and optical study 1967
William B. White, Rustum Roy and J. McKay Crichton

lateral science  Origin of coloration in some fluorites 1967
H. Bill, J. Sierro, and R. Lacroix

lateral science  Flow structure in the Lubbock meteorite, Lubbock, Texas 1940
W. A. Waldschmidt

lateral science  Crystallography of ulexite 1940
Joseph Murdoch

lateral science  Notes on the preparation of some fluorescent and phosphorescent compounds 1922
W. S. Andrews

lateral science  The use of minerals as radio-detectors 1922
H. S. Roberts and L. H. Adams

lateral science  An unusual diamond crystal 1922
Lewis S. Ramsdell

lateral science  Assaying with the blowpipe; lead, copper and silver ores 1924
W. F. Hunt

lateral science  A gold-bearing stony meteorite from Melrose, New Mexico 1934
H. H. Nininger

lateral science  Growth of stalactites 1934
Lloyd W. Fisher

lateral science  A new property of matter: Reversible photosensitivity in hackmanite from Bancroft, Ontario 1936
O. Ivan Lee

lateral science  The localization of uranium and thorium minerals in polished section. Part 1: The alpha ray emission pattern 1946
Herman Yagoda

lateral science  The metamict state 1952
A. Pabst

lateral science  Some factors influencing fluorescence in minerals 1952
D. J. McDougall

lateral science  Variations in chemical and physical properties of fluorite 1952
Robert D. Allen

lateral science  Effect of heavy charged particle and fast neutron irradiation on diamonds 1952
Joseph G. Hamilton, Thomas M. Putnam, and Martin L. Ehrmann

lateral science  Germanium and other trace elements in some western Canadian coals 1954
John A. C. Fortescue

lateral science  Storage of energy in metamict minerals 1957
Sheldon F. Kurath

lateral science  Some physical properties of naturally irradiated fluorite 1957
Robert Berman

lateral science  Image projection by fibrous minerals 1957
G. S. Baur, W. N. Larsen and L. B. Sand

lateral science  The magnetic separation of some alluvial minerals 1959
B. H. Flinter

lateral science  Diamond synthesis: Observations on the mechanism of formation 1962
A. A. Giardini and J. E. Tydings

lateral science  Synthetic emerald 1962
R. A. Lefever, A. B. Chase and L. E. Sobon

lateral science  Carbonado: A microstructural study 1969
L. F. Trueb and W. C. Butterman

lateral science  The electrical conductivity of galena, pyrite, and chalcopyrite 1976
Donald F. Pridmore and Ralph T. Shuey

lateral science  Ulexite: structure refinement, polyanion configuration, hydrogen bonding, and fiber optics 1978
Subrata Ghose, Che'ng Wan and Joan R. Clark

lateral science  The origins of color in minerals 1978
Kurt Nassau

lateral science  The nature and significance of occluded fluids in three Indian diamonds 1981
Charles E. Melton and A. A. Giardini

lateral science  The largest crystals 1981
P. C. Rickwood

lateral science  Barberiite, a new mineral from Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy 1994

lateral science  Cylindrite: The relation between its cylindrical shape and modulated structure 1992

lateral science  The jeweler's refractometer as a mineralogical tool 1984
C. S. Hurlburt, Jr.

lateral science  Role of natural radiation in tourmaline coloration 1988

lateral science  Natural silicon carbide 1963
J. Bauer, J. Fiala and R. Hrichova

lateral science  The nature of chrysocolla from Inspiration Mine, Arizona 1963
Ming-Sban Sun

lateral science  The flame fusion synthesis of emerald 1963
A. L. Gentile, D. M. Cripe and F. H. Andres

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