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 A Stellarator, used for fusion research decades ago. Designed by Spitzer 1951

lateral science Occurence and Rare-Earth Element Geochemistry of Rogerley Mine Fluorite.
Facinating details of Weardale fluorite crystals by Jesse Fisher

lateral science Threadlike streams of "Electric wind"
Bill Beaty investigates an unusual electrostatic phenomenon.

lateral science Home-Built Nitrogen Lasers
An excellent resource from Sam Goldwasser

lateral science Unusual Electrical Discharges
Richie Burnett creates unbranched sword like streamers from a well designed solid state tesla coil.

lateral science The South Terras Radium Mine, Cornwall`s Finest
Accounts and pictures of this still highly active site

lateral science Experimental performance of chlorine trifluoride-hydrazine propellant combination in 100-pound-thrust rocket engine
NACA experiment with exotic propellants in 1949

lateral science Electrically Induced Morphological Instabilities in Free Dendrite Growth
Ken Libbrecht grows ice crystals in high electrical fields

lateral science Alpheus heterochaelis produces 5000K temperatures!
The snapping shrimp produces a cavitation bubble, which upon collapse exhibits brief sonoluminescence.

lateral science A "Triplex" Wimshurst Machine
A very interesting electrostatic generator by Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz.

lateral science The XLR-99 for the X-15
Engine running on anhydrous ammonia and liquid oxygen develops 600 000 HP

lateral science Constructional details for a superb stereo-zoom microscope
Designed by Giorgio Carboni, this excellent instrument uses binoculars & camera zoom-objective for low cost.

lateral science The Archimedes Apparatus
Could Archimedes have demonstrated the universality of gravitation? John Walker of Fourmilab finds out

lateral science Brownian motion of molten lead particles in solid aluminum at 438C
A very odd effect discovered by Bjarne Schmid in 1992

lateral science Protactinium Bomb
Pa 231 is a fissile material - Carey Sublette also details other nuclear materials

lateral science Alchemist rubs white phosphorus onto his genitals
A 1692 account of phosphorus production & experimentation, compiled by Adam McLean

lateral science Ethyl Alcohol Distillation
This very comprehensive guide by Tony Ackland includes the essential section - 'Will I Go Blind?'

lateral science Phenomenal Marx Generators
Electrical experimentalist Mike Harrison produces long electrical discharges using ceramic capacitors

lateral science Fludd`s Closed-Cycle Mill, A Perpetual Motion Machine of 1618
It`ll Never Work! Donald Simanek explains why Fludd`s machine was dud

lateral science Theoretical rocket performance of JP-4 fuel with mixtures of liquid ozone and fluorine
NACA calculations in 1957 on this powerful combination

lateral science Spectacular Large Scale Experimentation with Sodium Metal & Water
Theo Grey, elementalist & craftsman, creates large detonations in his lake

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