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lateralscience.jpg is greyscale for quick loading, is dimensionally constructed (469x290) to be fully in view with a minimum set-up (i.e. 15" monitor at 640x480, internet explorer), has an aspect ratio very close to the golden ratio 1.618:1 and contains 30 images.

lateralscience.jpg images:

plutonium fission explosion
PIC 16F84 microcontroller chip
circuit of 5MV pressurised oil immersed bipolar tesla coil
collector of Armstrongs hydro-electrostatic generator
phantoms and inclusions in a heights mine fluorite crystal
1MV Van de Graaff detail
first transistor
AutoCAD logo
galvanic experiments title from young mans book of amusement
three phase inclusion in colombian emerald
DNA molecular model
1850 cylinder frictional electrostatic generator detail
mad scientist - "fools! I`ll destroy them all!"
hydrogen/oxygen shuttle main engines
1888 wimshurst sectors
projectile carrier - elastomer gun
tetrahydrocannabinol molecular model
ultrasonic cavitation bubble
electrostatic discharge cannon 1850
1976 wimshurst
union jack
naturally formed THC rich oil droplets
electrohydrodynamic lifter
Escher ant
first ruby laser components
victorian corona turbine
holland & holland .375 magnum and .220 swift
1850 plate frictional electrostatic generator detail
drawing of long electric discharge
electrified victorian head

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