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A Coal Bomb

Anarchic Experimental Science in Victorian Weardale

-- The Chronicles are best read in the order presented --

Victorian Cyclotron

lateral science The 1855 Grand National Steeplechase at Aintree
The front page from the April 1855 issue of "The Turf" refers to equestrian enhancement of a scientific nature.

lateral science  Victorian Nitrogen Laser
A letter from Glitch to Faraday, dated June 1856, would appear to indicate the observation of laser action in air, more than a century before Maiman first demonstrated his ruby laser.

lateral science Fictional Influence Machine
Predating Wimshurst`s electrostatic generator, using hemispherically terminated charge carriers
(This actually predates "Victorian Nitrogen Laser", but is intended to be read as linked from within the laser article)

lateral science Fullerenes Discovered in Victorian England
A letter from Ernest Glitch (son of Mad Judge Glitch) to Michael Faraday appears to note the crystallisation of C60 some 150 years before Kroto.

lateral science Victorian Liquid-Fuel Rocket Engine
An account of the use of hypergolic propellants and deLaval nozzles in 1856.

lateral science Victorian Tesla Coil, with reference to a possible medieval Coil.
A letter from Glitch to Michael Faraday appears to note the discovery of Germanium some 30 years before Winkler. The main body of the correspondence concerns a lightning machine.

lateral science 19th Century Jet-Powered Flying Machine in Weardale
Manned Flight achieved long before the Wright Bros., using Multiple Valve-less Pulse Jets

lateral science The First Flight
part two of 19th Century Jet-Powered Flying Machine in Weardale, plus
The Steam-Powered Rope-Engine - Mad Judge Glitch`s Power-Gibbet - An account of the first test of this capital punishment machine

lateral science Victorian Cyclotron
E. Glitch bombards diamonds with high energy particles to produce coloured 'fancy' stones. His equipment, mentioned in a letter to M. Faraday, pre-dates that of Lawrence by some 73 years

lateral science Glitch Constructs Hypersonic Gun
Upper Weardale was impacted by several projectiles in late 1857, in Glitch`s words, "Velocities approached 70,000 furlongs to the hour, Bishop."

lateral science 1858: First X-Ray?
Rupert Glitch photographs his own bones

lateral science The Glitch Sporting Bathyscaphe
Accounts of the use of this extreme depth marine hunting vessel.

lateral science The Glitch Machine Gun
A fully automatic weapon 24 years before Hiram Maxim

lateral science Observation of Light Emission from Electrically Stressed Silicon Carbide Crystals
Early LED? Letters to Faraday, with an account of country life between them

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lateral science Hodges & the Golden Fly
Gold-nucleation experiments produce a jewel and the promise of unlimited wealth. Work is suspended because of a successful test of Glitch`s Cacodyl Offensive Weapon

lateral science  The Great Geysir & One Cubic Foot of Metallic Sodium
The Iceland geochemical expedition. Mission, to impart a scientific understanding of hydro-geothermal processes to the indigenous population

lateral science The Glitch Equatorial Africa Expedition of Spring 1862
Radium! A highly active deposit of radio-baryte crystals is discovered.

lateral science Weapon of Mass Destruction in Victorian Times: The Coal-Dust Flame-Thrower
Horror weapon invented in Weardale by Glitch. Also in 1862, his assistant noted the depletion of U235 in pitchblende from Oklo, and suggested that a natural reactor could be the cause of the isotopic anomaly.

lateral science The Glitch Electro-Magnetic Cannon
A badger-flea is accelerated to well over the speed of sound, and survives

lateral science Paleometeorite Unearthed in Victorian Coal-Mine
A magnificent fossil meteorite found in the Durham Coal Measures is classified as a paleopallasite

lateral science Physeter Macrocephalus Farmed Inland for Spermaceti & Ambergris
A force-fed sperm whale, raised from a calf, grew to fill a brine filled pit dug into a Weardale carboniferous limestone quarry

lateral science Beagle 2 - A 19th Century Hybrid Coal / Liquid Nitrous Oxide Powered Rocket
Busty seam coal & laughing gas propels scientific probe into space, successfully launched 24th July 1863 from Weardale, returning 30th June 1908 over Siberia

lateral science An Ingenious Method for the Preparation of Large Mercuric Iodide Crystals
A single crystal is used to detect radioactivity, the output being amplified by a Victorian transistor

lateral science Cosmic Ray Muons Detected and Tracked 1864
The spark chamber was then utilised to predate Marconi`s wireless transmission apparatus by 45 years

lateral science Michael Faraday in Possession of Glitch`s Thallium & Oil of Vitriol Balm
A hand delivered note, accompanying the pharmacological preparation, is dated Sunday the 25th of August 1867

lateral science Advanced Metallurgy in Neolithic Weardale
The ancestors of Glitch & Hodges are the first technocratic shamen

lateral science Glitch & Hodges - The Novel
Set slightly in our future, Glitch & Hodges` descendants invent a device which makes them the richest blokes ever to live. The ensuing chaos is of a global nature. A core story of 60,000+ words, before adding all the above episodes, which are included in-between chapters.

The Ernest Glitch Chronicles text & illustrations by Roger Curry

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The Glitch Autonomous Phosphorus Renderer.

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