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Ripping Experimental Adventures as Dr. Diode Unleashes the Primal Energies of the Universe in a Series of Terrific Science Japes.
Dr. Diode achieves room temperature fusion using N - Rays

lateral science Dr. Diode & Jacob`s Ladder
The Doctor has a mishap with this utterly useless and dangerous electrical device

lateral science Biologically Powered Supersonic Flight
DD AeroSpace & PB of Aycliffe Soon to break 760MPH level flight with CFD

lateral science Asphaltus ArachnoDiodium - the Tarmac Spider
Sinister life-forms have been discovered dwelling in Britains roads . A close up photograph of this remarkable creature

lateral science Room Temperature Fusion
The nuclear fusion of hydrogen makes an exciting hobby for the amateur, especially at ambient temperatures

lateral science Nuclear Sound Recordings
The Doctor explains how sound recordings from the past (which follow), were obtained

lateral science Albert Einstein, energy & mass
(.wav 120kB) A.E., speaking in the 20th Century, confirms Hodges' theories from 1857

lateral science Ernest Glitch & Carbon Filaments
(.wav 550kB) Glitch performs experiments with carbon filaments long before Edison

lateral science Bishop & High Frequency Electrical Discharges
(.wav 734kB) A recording of a Tesla Coil demonstration arranged for the Bishop of Durham in 1856

lateral science Idle Chat
(.wav 366kB) Glitch reminiscing with the Bishop

lateral science The Fluorine Accident
(.wav 140kB) Glitch detects the odour of the most reactive halogen

lateral science Tourmaline Crystal Pyro-Electricity
(.wav 393KB) Heat being applied to a crystal of tourmaline. High voltages are produced at the crystal terminations, which can attract light particulate matter. In times gone by, such crystals were used to remove the ash from the Meerschaum pipes of German nicotine addicts. The mineral was known as Aschentrekker or ash puller

lateral science A Very Unwise Experiment
(.wav 510kB) A battery of Leyden Jars being discharged into the head

lateral science Fulminating Gold Formula
(.wav 940KB) a recording of an urinary entrepreneur selling a formula for aurum fulminans

lateral science Potassium & Conc. Nitric Acid
(.wav 859kB) An unusual method for the manufacture of potassium nitrate

lateral science A Rubidium Reaction
(.wav 1.00MB) An even more vigourous reaction than above, with rubidium metal instead of the potassium

lateral science What?
(.wav 11KB) Beg your pardon?

lateral science ClF3 & organic material
(.wav 546KB) A schoolroom demonstration with chlorine trifluoride

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