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Ignoring the present subject matter, Dr. Diode shows off by mixing hypergolic rocket propellants
Forget Tokamaks, forget palladium electrodes, forget laser impulse compression. For ease of construction and use, the direct compression of good old hydrogen gas is by far the best route for the amateur. Using only a compressor from a scrap refrigerator and a pressure vessel fabricated using degenerate matter from a neutron star, the entire National Grid of Great Britain can be powered from your home. Unless your home is elsewhere on the planet.

Say No To Adiabatic Compression

The beauty of using a small compressor is that the hydrogen has a chance to cool down to ambient temperatures in the pressure vessel. Room temperature fusion can then take place when the pressure has built up enough. A word of warning though!

don't do it

"Don't touch that!"

Once the pressure is approaching the critical point when fusion is about to take place, keep children away from the apparatus. They won't understand that the slightest knock could trigger a chain reaction. Small children, babies and pets don`t even know what thermonuclear catastrophe means. Be careful out there.
Dr. Diode

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