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a truly revolutionary propulsion system.... BIOTHRUST

A Little History -
In the 19th Century, Croatian-American Nikola Tesla experimented with insect power. On July 24th 1977, Don Emmick demonstrated the "Flyplane" at Kirkland, Washington, USA. The insect pilot/engine was drugged with ether for installation into the craft, and was released unharmed afterwards.

Don Emmick`s Flyplane 1977

wingspan - 76mm
airframe - Balsa
weight - 0.1g
engine - Live, 1 housefly-power
builder - Don Emmick 1977

2002 October. Paul Burns, of Aycliffe Village in England, saw the potential of insect power, conceptualised the BIOTHRUST propulsion system, and identified the Club Footed Drosophila as the desired quanta of thrust. A partnership between Burnsy & Dr. Diode AeroSpace is presently developing BIOTHRUST for both civilian & military applications.

The Club Footed Drosophila
Central to the BIOTHRUST propulsion system is an evolutionary throwback, the attack & lift fruit fly, or Club Footed Drosophila (CFD)
Back in the "olden - olden days" (please forgive the use of paleo-geologic jargon), no large mammal was safe. Huge swarms of CFD would launch from the filth and grab anything that looked alive. Hurling it from the sky, the swarm would return to their excremental lair, and wait for putrefaction to begin. Then lay eggs in the smashed rotting carcass.

Club Footed Drosophila in Dominican Amber

A perfectly preserved Club Footed Drosophila in Dominican Amber.
Note the club feet, which enabled the flies to collectively lift mammoth
and woolly rhinocerous, and drop them.

coming soon - the technical details, & on towards biologically powered supersonic flight

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