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A Low Pressure Diffusion Cloud Chamber, by H. Slatis 1956

A low pressure diffusion cloud chamber by Slatis 1956

Design of a low pressure diffusion cloud chamber used for the study of the spontaneous fission of Cf252. A Brass trough for alcohol. M Pressure gauge. W Window. C Camera. N Filling pipe. G Glass cylinder. E Heat insulating glass box (Hilding Slatis 1956).

Cf252 fission tracks & alpha particles

Fission tracks (emitted in opposite directions) and two alpha tracks from Cf252. The californium sample is held by a copper wire (the heavy vertical line). Pressure 0.2 atm.

Cf252 fission tracks, showing branching

A number of fission tracks from Cf252. The heavy line to the left is the sample. The range of the fission track decreases when the number of branches increases.

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