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Metallic Carbonyls
Unusual compounds such as nickel carbonyl Ni(CO)4, a colourless liquid boiling at 43.3oC.
This 1929 article by Gilbert T. Morgan, O.B.E., F.R.S.

metallic carbonyls
metallic carbonyls

WARNING! I am indebted to Paul West who contacted me about Nickel Carbonyl`s HIGHLY TOXIC nature. He provided me with this MSDS link. Also Paul noted,

"Incidentally, it is used as the mechanism of defense in Gordon R. Dickson's 'Spirit of Dorsai' science fiction novel. The community moves all able bodied adults and children outside of the town, leaving the elderly behind. The occupying force takes over the town. Finely-divided nickel is dumped into the exhaust of the power-plant (fuel burning, either coal or wood, I don't recall). Ni(CO)4 is generated which smothers the town and defeats the occupying force (in the process, the elderly are soldiers, sacrificing themselves in the process)."

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