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These archived radio programmes, courtesy of the British Broadcasting Corporation`s Radio Four, require your computer to have RealAudio

lateral science A Twist To Life 1 hour
Fascinating interviews with Crick & Watson concerning the Eagle pub and the structure of DNA

lateral science Small Dog on Mars half hour
Five million quid, Professor Pillinger, Blur, Damien Hirst, Darwin. Beagle2

lateral science Bioluminescence of the Jelly fish Aequorea 15 mins
Intriguing account of a Victorian naturalist`s interest in bioluminescence and modern use of Aequorea`s DNA to investigate cancer.

lateral science The Quicksilver Murder of Sir Thomas Overbury half hour
The story of mercury, the liquid metal, mentioning pink baby syndrome

lateral science Molecular Neuro-Biology & Torpedos 15 mins
The electric ray`s electrical output was estimated in the 1770`s by collectively electrocuting rings of people.

lateral science The Devil`s Metal half hour
Nickel - it`s past, present & future

lateral science The Eye of a Fly 15 mins
Growing fly`s eyes on fly`s legs using mouse genes

lateral science The Technique of Blood-Letting Using Leeches 15 mins
The horrors of leech farming in days gone by and modern day use after reconstructive surgery.

lateral science The Core of Life half hour
The various allotropes of Carbon, diamonds to nano-tubes

lateral science Baryonyx Walkeri, a new dinosaur with an immense weapon   prog.2   prog.3  15 mins each
A Huge Claw Found in Lower Cretaceous Surrey, England.

lateral science Oxygen`s Poisonous Life Force half hour
An oxygenated half-hour with a reference to ozone

lateral science The Material World half hour programmes
Quentin Cooper`s well-informed and non-serious style enables experts in science & engineering to talk on a veritable plethora of subjects. This whole series is well worth listening to.

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